List Of Sermons

Sermon Sermon Title & Description Bible Reference Publication Date
Sermon 001 What a friend we have in Jesus Christ - This sermon is about Jesus Christ as our best friend James 2:23 Jan 2011
Sermon 002 Seek Those Things which are above - This Sermon is about the expectations after this earth. Colossians 3:1-10 Jan 2011
Sermon 003 Who is the Lazarus in your life - This sermon points to the importance of how we conduct ourselves on earth. Luke 16: 19-31 Jan 2011
Sermon 004 DELUSION - Delusion is a sermon about the deception and snare that is coming upon the world. II Thessalonians 2:11 Jan 2011
Sermon 005 THIS IS RIGHTEOUSNESS - This sermon is about how God sees you if you can believe his word. Genesis 15:6 Jan 2011
Sermon 006 THE BLOOD - This sermon is about the importance and use of the blood of Jesus. Revelations 12:11 Feb 2011
Sermon 007 Now I See - This is a sermon on faith, compassion and foreknowledge. St. John 9:1-41 Mar 2011
Sermon 008 WHO IS REALLY THE ONE MEDIATOR? - This is a sermon about the only help against sin and separation from God. Hebrews 12:2 Mar 2011
Sermon 009 THIS IS THE 2nd DEATH - This sermon is to warn the world not to miss the first resurrection. Revelations 20:13-15 Mar 2011
Sermon 010 THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND THE GOSPEL -This sermon points to Jesus Christ confirming that there is a kingdom of God. Hebrews 12:1 Feb 2011
Sermon 011 HE GAVE FOR THE PERFECTING OF THE SAINTS - Is a sermon about the gift of offices in the church by God. Ephes 4:11-12 Feb 2011
Sermon 012 HE REVEALS HIS SECRET TO HIS SERVANTS, THE PROPHETS - Is sermon on the way God speaks. Amos 3:7 Feb 2011
Sermon 013 PROPHECY FULFILLING IN YOUR HANDS - This sermon shows satelite technology in prophecy. Rev. 11:9 March 2011
Sermon 014 THE MOST HIGH GOD ALWAYS AMONGST US - Is a sermon of the presence of God always around us. Hebrews 13:2 June 2011
Sermon 015 WHEN YOU ARE THE ONLY CHRISTIAN IN THE BOAT. Acts 27:5-44 Aug 2011
Sermon 016 THE BALAAM SPIRIT. Numbers 22 Sept 2011
Sermon 017 FAITH AND BLESSING - The Woman, Ruth and the baby Obed. Ruth 1:2-3 Sept 2011
Sermon 018a IF YOU ARE LEFT BEHIND AFTER THE TRANSLATION, Don't Take The Mark. This sermon talks about the translation and the people who may be left behind. Thessalonians 4:13-18 Oct 2011
Sermon 018b IF YOU ARE LEFT BEHIND AFTER THE TRANSLATION, Don't Take The Mark Of The Beast - This sermon is about the rule of the beaast and the marking of those who reject Jesus Christ. Thessalonians 4:13-18 Nov 2011
Sermon 019a YOU ARE SUPERNATURAL - Co-workers with God in Supernatural Acts. Genesis 5:21-24 Dec 2011
Sermon 019b YOU ARE SUPERNATURAL - How Supernatural people of God made supernatrural utterances and they come to pass. Joshua 6:26 Dec 2011
Sermon 020 WATCHMAN Psalm 127:1 Jan 2012
Sermon 021 THE TRANSLATIONAL LOVE OF GOD - This sermon is about the changing power of God through love. Rev 2:4-5,
I John 2:15-17
Jan 2012
Sermon 022 A LOVING CALL FROM THE LOVING GOD - This is a sermon on God calling on man to share his love. Isaiah 1:18 ,
John 3:16
Feb 2012
Sermon 023 THE LOGOS IS THE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD - This is a message that points to the authority of the bible as the only word of God. Prov 30:5 & 6
II TIM 3:16 & 17
Feb 2012
Sermon 024 SINCE OUR FATHERS FELL ASLEEP - This sermon is about the prophecy of the return of JESUS CHRIST. 2 Peter 3:3-4
Matt 24:32-34
March 2012
Sermon 025 THE NIGHT IS FAR SPENT - This is a sermon warning that delay in turning to God may soon be too late. Hab 2:2-3
Daniel 5:25
Feb 2012
Sermon 026 THE COMING OF THE LORD - This Sermon is about the coming of the Lord during the secret rapture. Matt. 24:4-51
Daniel 2:31-45
March 2012
Sermon 027 Lord Remember Me - This Sermon is about the Mercy Of God. St. Luke 23:42
Ephes 2:1-22
April 2012
Sermon 028 O! Heaven - This Sermon is about Heaven, God's plan for those who will be its future citizens. Rev 21:5-6
Psalm 139:8
Feb 2012
Sermon 029 AS HE SOWED SOME SEEDS FELL - This sermon is about the word of God falling on different soils. Mark 4:13-20 AND
Luke 11:10-15
April 2012
Sermon 030 THE ENOCH AND THE ELIJAH SAINTS - This Sermon is about.......... 1st Peter 1:9-10
2nd Kings 2:11
April 2012
Sermon 031 HE KNOWS ALL ABOUT YOU - This sermon is about God's foreknowledge of all humans. Gen 17:1-2
Jer 1:4-5
April 2012
Sermon 032 ZACCHAEUS THE MAN - This sermon is about when God calls you by name. St. Luke 19:5
St. John 3:18
April 2012
Sermon 033 THERE IS HOPE - This sermon is about knowing who is the master over death. Rev 1:18
Heb 2:14-15
April 2012
Sermon 034 THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST - This sermon is about the saving power of the cross of Christ. I Cor 1:1-18
Num 21:4-9
May 2012
Sermon 035 THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE GOING HOME - This sermon is about people going to Heaven suddenly. I COR 15:51-53
Heb 2:14-15
May 2012
Sermon 036 WHAT SPIRIT CONTROLS YOU - This sermon is about the two spirits at work today, the end of time. Gen 1:26-28
II Tim 3:1-7
June 2012
Sermon 037 DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE BLESSED - This is a sermon about God's unfailing word and blessings to his people. Gen 12:1-3
Num 23:19-23
June 2012
Sermon 038 THE WOMAN AT THE WELL - This sermon is about God showing forgiveness and revelation to mankind. St. John 4:11
St. JOHN 4:26
June 2012
James 5:7-8
June 2012
Sermon 040 HE REVEALS HIS SECRET TO HIS SERVANTS, THE PROPHETS - Is sermon on the way God speaks. Joel 2:23-26
James 5:7-8
June 2012
Sermon 041 THE COMING TEST AND TRIAL FOR THE CHURCH OF CHRIST ON EARTH - This sermon is about two major tests that awaits those in the race for heaven. James 1:7-15
Rev. 20:4
Oct 2012
Sermon 042 THE DEAD PROPHET WHO RAISED THE DEAD - This sremon is about the power of the dead in Christ. II Kings 13:20-21
Rev. 20:13-15
Oct 2012
Sermon 043 THERE IS NO MIDDLE ROAD IN OUR JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE - This sermon is about examining our path of travel on earth. Rev. 20,
Matthew 7
Nov 2012
Sermon 044 DENOMINATIONS: THE TWO CORRUPTERS (NICOLAITANISM AND BALAAMISM) - This Sermon is about the two corrupters of the Church. Rev. 2,
Rom 8.2
Dec 2012
Sermon 045 CONTENTMENT - This sermon is this about the importance of contentment. Exod. 32:1-6,
Phil. 4:11-13
Jan 2013
Sermon 046 EXCEPT YOU FORGIVE - This sermon is about the need to forgive those who have hurt you. Col 1:14,
Psalms 130:4
Jan 2013
Sermon 047 THE GLORY OF GOD AND THE GLORY OF MAN - This sermon is about the glory of God and the glory of man, and there influences. John 11:40
Phil 3:7-8
Feb 2013
Sermon 048 THE TRANSFIGURATION- GOD OF THE LIVING - This sermon is about the proof that God is the God of the living. Matt 17;1-9,
Rev. 1:8-18
Mar 2013
Sermon 049 FORGIVENESS - This sermon is about God's guidance in forgiveness. 1st John 1:9,
April 2013
Sermon 050 HE IS NOT HERE. HE IS RISEN - This sermon is about the importance of the resurrection to the believer. Luke 4:1-8,
1st Cor 15:12-19
May 2013
Sermon 051 IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU JESUS - This sermon is about Jesus and His Majesty. Acts 4:10-12,
Rev 1:8-18
June 2013
Sermon 052 THE GODHEAD MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE AT THIS END OF TIME - This sermon is about the deity of Jesus, the Godhead and who will believers really serve as God. Isaiah 9:6,
St. John 2:19
July 2013
Sermon 053 THE NEED TO ALWAYS ASK COUNSEL OF GOD IN ALL WE DO - This sermon is about the consequences of not seek counsel with the Lord. Josh 9:1-16,
I Chron 17:2-8
July 2013
Sermon 054 THE TATTOOS AGE - This sermon is about marking our flesh or printing tattoos on them. Lev. 19:28,
Rev 3:12
Aug 2013
Sermon 055 AGE OF CONFUSION IS HERE - This sermon is about the present and coming world confusion that make room for the rising of the antichrist. Dan 12:4,
Rev 18:2-4
Aug 2013
Sermon 056 DO NOT GO THE WAY OF JEROBOAM- This sermon is about the way we doubt the word of God and make room for sin. St. Luke 11:13
I Kings 12:25-28
Sept 2013
Sermon 057 LESSONS ON THE PROPHET, AND THE LION - This sermon is about learning to obey God's definite instructions. I Kings 13:20-32,
Gal 1:8-10
Nov 2013
Sermon 058 THE CROOKED AND VIPER GENERATION IS HERE- This sermon is about the generation of believers today. Acts 2:40
Matt 3:7
Dec 2013
Sermon 059 IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THE MIND OF GOD ABOUT LIES - This sermon is about how God looks at lies. Gen 2:17,
Rev 22:15
Jan 2014
Sermon 060 LISTEN, THE CHOICE IS YOUR OWN-This sermon is about man's choice and his eternal dwelling place. Rev. 5:11-12,
Rev. 20:15
Feb 2014
Sermon 061 WOMEN THAT MOVED THE HAND OF GOD- This sermon is about women who trusted the Lord and moved his hand. Heb. 11:11,
Prov. 15:1
May 2014
Sermon 062 THE CHURCH NEEDS TO RETURN TO THE BIBLE PATTERN-This sermon is about the departure of the church from the apostolic pattern. I Cor 12:12-27,
Ephes 4:11.
June 2014
Sermon 063 BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER- This sermon is about the solution over the problems we face today. Ps. 50:15,
Ps. 91:1-16
July 2014
Sermon 064 DON'T FORGET YOU ARE AN AMBASSADOR-This sermon reminds every true Christian that they are strangers and pilgrims to this earth. Heb. 11:10-16,
Phil. 3:20
Aug. 2014
Sermon 065 MY SHEEP KNOW MY VOICE - This sermon makes every true believer know they are known of God. Num. 23:19,
St. John 10:27
Sept 2014
Sermon 066 CHRIST - THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD OUR EXAMPLE - This sermon is about Jesus Christ as our example. Gen. 1:26,
I John 4:17.
Oct 2014
Sermon 067 CHRIST OUR EXAMPLE PART 2 : AS HE SOUGHT THE FATHER, SO ARE WE TO SEEK HIM - This sermon is about seeking God the way Jesus did. Ephes 5:30,
Heb 11:16
Oct 2014
Sermon 068 CALL UPON ME - This sermon is about calling and looking up to God at all times and more so in times of need. Psalm 50:15,
John 14:14.
Nov 2014
Sermon 069 CHRIST OUR EXAMPLE PART 3. AS HE HEEDED DIVINE WARNING SO WE SHOULD DO - This sermon is about, heeding divine warning as Jesus Christ did. Gal 6:8,
I John 3:3
Nov 2014
Sermon 070 ALMIGHTY GOD WATCHES OVER EVERY AGREEMENT MADE WITH HIS NAME - This sermon is about the fact that God watches over every agreement made with his name. II Sam 21:1,
Josh 9:1-24
Dec 2014
Sermon 071 WHO JESUS TRULY IS - This sermon is about who Jesus Christ really is. Isa 53:4-5,
Rev 22:12-13
Dec 2014
Sermon 072 THE GOSPEL OF SALVATION - This sermon is about the message and hope of salvation in Christ Jesus. I Cor 15:51-58,
Rom 1:16-17
Dec 2014
Sermon 073 SEEING AS GOD SEES - This sermon is about seeing things as God sees. Heb 11:27,
II Cor 4:18
Dec 2014
Sermon 074 DARKNESS IS SOON COMING OVER THE WORLD - This sermon is about the consequences of unbelief in the word of God. Ex. 10: 20-23,
John 3:18-21
Jan 2015
Sermon 075 CHRIST OUR EXAMPLE PART 4, AS HE APPLIES THE WORD OF GOD, SO WE ARE TO DO. - This sermon is about applying the word of God as Jesus did. Ephe 2:12,
Gal 4:3-11
Feb 2015
Sermon 076 CHRIST OUR EXAMPLE PART 5 - WE PARTAKE OF HIS SUFFERINGS - This sermon is suffering with and for Christ. I Peter 4:12-16,
Phil 3:7-8
Feb 2015
Sermon 077 CHRIST OUR EXAMPLE PART 6 - AS HE ENGAGED HIS BODY, SO WE SHOULD DO - This sermon is about treating and using our body like Jesus Christ did. Heb 10:5-7
St.John 3:13
March 2015
Sermon 078 DO BAD THINGS REALLY HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE? - This sermon is about bad things happening to good people. Mark 10:17-18,
Rom 8:28
April 2015
Sermon 079 GOD'S ETERNAL KNOWLEDGE - This sermon shows that God knows all things. Isaiah 46:10
Matt 10:30
May 2015
Sermon 080 THE THREE NATIONS AND THEIR PRINCIPLES - This sermon is about the Christian identity. I Cor 10:32,
Col 2:28
June 2015
Sermon 081 CONVERSATION WITH THE DEVIL IS A SNARE - This sermon is about a very common snare of the devil. Gen 3:1-13
Judg 16:4-20
July 2015
Sermon 082 THE MARK, THE NAME OR THE NUMBER - of the beast is near (and who will take it?)- This sermon is about the mark of the beast and who are likely to take it. Rev 13:1-18I,
I Cor 15:49-5
Jan 2016
Sermon 083 DISGUISE IS TERRIBLE: THE OUTCOMES IS EVIL - This sermon is about the deadliness of using deception to get answers to your problems. I Sam 28:5-25
I Kgs 14:1-13
Feb. 2016
Sermon 084 WE ARE AT THE FLIGHT TERMINAL READY FOR DEPARTURE - This is a message about preparation for the translation, what is needed of you. Gal 5:19-23,
1st Thess 4:13-18
Sept. 2016
Sermon 085 YES! EVER WONDERED ABOUT THE CHURCH IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN? - This sermon is about the church in the Garden of Eden. Gen 2:16-17
James 3:10-12
Dec. 2016
Sermon Sermon Title & Description Bible Reference Publication Date